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The English Woods
A friend who majored in History once asked me: "Does History have anything to do with Linguistics?" The answer popes into my mind "Of course, yes." But how? As I was also an English major, I tried to find proof to support my answer to her interesting question, and then I had a chance to look further into the development of the English language to see that it owes itself to other languages. In 1066, the French landed in the British Isles, and now their legacy can still be found in the following list of "special" English words:
At first sight, these words seem to be jumbled, misspelled, or belong to the part of speech that you can easily guess without looking them up in the dictionary. Actually, they are words that may cheat you and lead you to mistakes once you are too confident to consult your dictionary.....
Traces of Latin in modern English....
The word “motorcycle” is one of the many active vocabulary stocks of most learners of English. So, how about “moped”?.....