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Long time ago, my grandpa used to tell us stories after we all finished our dinner. I don’t know how real they are. The only thing I learn from these stories is there was always something unexplainable, something mysterious in them....

Story no.1: The voice on the riverbank

It was in the 1940s and grandpa was in his late 20s. He was then a countryman who would row his boat on a river every sunset to fetch my grandma. One evening, as he was rowing the boat towards grandma’s workplace, he heard a voice from the riverbank. It was the voice of a man who wanted to hitch-hike on grandpa’s boat. At the time, there was no electricity in the poor countryside, and this part of the riverbank was dark with no houses or dim lights. Grandpa was scared, but he knew he couldn’t ignore that fellow who might desperately need his help at this time of the day. So, he pulled his boat towards the riverbank, and gazed his eyes at the location where the voice may come from. To his disappointment, the man who shouted for a hitch-hike a few minutes ago couldn’t be seen. Grandpa thought this was a joke, so he continued his route. Strangely, right after the boat reached the middle of the river, that voice echoed again. Grandpa stared his eyes at the riverbank: there was no tree, no house, and no sign of any man there. If that guy wanted to play a joke on him, where had he hidden?

Grandpa told himself that he shouldn’t stop. Again and again, the voice repeated. But grandpa knew he should go straight forward to grandma’s workplace, and never looked back at that riverbank again.

Story no.2: The priest

The countryside was also the setting of this story. Farmers in a remote province of the country have spread an amazing account about a chapel built by a deceased priest. Father Truong was a kind and devoted priest who served a poor Catholic community in the area. Knowing that they needed a small chapel for worshipping activities, the priest used his savings to buy building materials and hired bricklayers to build the chapel.

Unfortunately, he was suddenly assassinated by unknown men, and the chapel was half-way finished. Three months later, the farmers in the province decided to continue the interrupted works of the priest with their humble savings. One day, one of the farmers came to the material supplier to pay for some bricks he ordered a couple of days ago. He was told by the supplier that the bricks had been paid for by a middle-aged man the day before, but he forgot to ask his name. The farmer was extremely surprised as the money for buying those bricks was worth the total savings of all farmers in the village, and at the time, no farmer was that rich.

Right after the chapel was completed, the material supplier was invited to a small party with the farmers. On entering the chapel, he was totally shocked: the face of the deceased priest in a picture on the sidewall of the chapel was the same as the face of the middle-aged man who paid for the bricks!

Story no.3: Tessa

Tessa, my cousin, told grandpa a strange experience she had when she was in high school. After the morning classes, Tessa used to come home, had lunch, and took a nap before having a tutorial class at 2pm. There came one day when mom needed to run some errands and Tessa stayed at home alone after lunch. As usual, she went to bed and took a nap. But she forgot to set the alarm clock at 1:45pm (so that she could get up in time for the tutorial class).

Tessa overslept. And mom was out, which means there was no one in the house to wake her up. Then, something strange happened: a soft voice called Tessa twice by her name. She said that the voice didn’t sound like mom’s or anyone’s she knew. It was a tender voice that, to her feeling, didn’t want to startle her, but just to wake her up. Tessa did get up. It was 1:50pm, and she hurriedly got dressed and left for the tutorial class. She thought it was mom. But as she looked around, no one was in sight.

Theresa T.

Keywords: dich thuat