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Rhythm not only appears in music, but also in languages. In English, rhythm can be found in works by famous authors like Robert Burns, William Wordsworth, Shakespeare, etc. and in everyday language, especially spoken English. Rhythm is also favored by columnists when they need to create sensational headlines for their articles......

Check out these rhythmic phrases or idioms. Thanks to the rhythm, when you read them out loud, they seem to be easier to memorize. Pay attention to the italic and underlined parts.



go with the flow

relax, not worry about what to do

wear and tear

damage to goods that is caused by the consumer’s ordinary use

as easy as ABC

very easy

as busy as a bee

very busy

and about

(go) around a place

grace and favour (home/apartment)

 (home/apartment) free of rent

Birds of a feather flock together.

People of the same type tend to gather with each other.

through thick and thin

through difficulty

shop until you drop

go and buy things from stores to stores until you get tired

dress to impress

wear nice clothes which are most suitable for an event

Can you find some more similar rhythmic phrases or idioms?

Theresa T.

Keywords: dich thuat