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It is said that learning a language is like a journey through a forest. The more you venture forth, the more exciting the journey gets. No one knows for sure how many trees there are in the forest; just like the fact that no language learners can proudly say they master all the aspects of the language. One step further will lead you to an amazing “discovery”. This is the same with English.....

If you study the language whole-heartedly, you will someday realize that it is full of excitement, amazement and even fun. Look at these words* and you will see this more clearly.

A note for you when you need to type these following words: they will turn into the most common proper names once you capitalize them.

alexanders (n)                          a plant of the parsley family with yellowish flowers, formerly used in salads

anna (n) (N. American E.)         a former monetary unit of India and Pakistan, equal to one sixteenth of a rupee

ben (n) (Scottish E.)                  a high mountain

china (n)                                    a fine white or translucent vitrified ceramic material

graham (a)                                 relating to or denoting wholewheat flour

jane (n) (informal)                      a woman

jimmy (n)                                    a short crowbar

john (n) (informal)                      a toilet

jones (n) (informal)                    an addiction or craving

madeleine (n)                             a small rich sponge cake, often decorated with coconut and jam

maria (n) (plural form of “mare”) the female of a horse or other equine animal

nancy (n) (informal)                    an effeminate or homosexual man

oxford (n)                                    a type of lace-up shoe with a low heel

tony (a) (informal)                       fashionable among wealthy or stylish people

victoria (n)                                  a light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with a collapsible hood, seats, for two passengers, and an elevated driver’s seat in front

Theresa T.
* Definitions of the words are taken from Concise Oxford English Dictionary published  in 2004 by Oxford University Press

Keywords: dich thuat