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“There are no available solutions to your problems. The problems may be common, but you are unique. So, only you can solve your own problems. And to solve them, you need to think. Otherwise, you’re like a machine.

Your thoughts have to be based on a certain stance. You need to spare at least one hour every week to think about all the events that happened to you and your reactions. In this life, if you don’t spend time thinking about yourself, then sooner or later, you’ll lose yourself. The biggest loss of a man is losing himself.

Try to find time to consider your stance. Stance is not the slogans that people put into your mind. Stance should be a set of rules that help you to show your inner self.
The meaning of your life does not lie in what people want you to be. But, you yourself need to know how to live your own life.

Treasure your life, my dear, because you’re young and grow up only once, and, you can live your life only once.”


Keywords: dich thuat