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My friend came across this letter in her chest of drawers when she was in low spirit. Overwhelmed by its words and surprised by the timeliness of the letter, she shared it with her friends. Ever since the letter appeared, she has had the courage to overcome her troubles. Then, it was named “the letter of love and encouragement”...

“When you make a choice…
You’ll certainly come to the time when you have to make a choice in big and small things. I want to remind you of this because it’s necessary for you in your life. That choice will be more important when it’s the one that influences your own life. Remember! To make a choice is to sacrifice. So, sacrifice when you need to. And then, don’t feel regretful about the choice you’ve made.
When you’re worried…
There’s no point in worrying. Just think, and think, and do the best you can. That’s enough. When you get worried, you’ll lose your sanity that is needed to help you manage your problems.
When you feel sad…
Everybody suffers from sadness, but not all of them understand it. Sadness is like a treasure, so you have to treasure it so that you’ll know who you are. But, avoid disappointment. It is like a dangerous infectious disease. If things get worse, just believe that the sun will rise again for you.
When you feel lonely…
Loneliness is the worst experience that a man can have. But only great souls know what loneliness is. Just face it. Don’t retreat. It’s a good school for training ourselves. You’ll be more mature, understand yourselves much better, and able to sympathize with other people.
When you’re in low spirit…
This is a kind of spiritual illness that needs to be carefully treated. Find out the reason, the cause of such illness. Don’t just simply leave it in your soul. The cause may come from your physical condition, or it may come from an incident in your life. Confide your feelings to someone trustworthy. If that’s not possible, let time heal your soul. Don’t complain because complaints can degrade you.
When you lose something…
You may lose concrete things. Such is an experience that teaches you how to treasure things you possess. The lost ones can sooner or later be replaced. But, you may also lose something spiritual, and this time, the loss cannot be compensated. Such experience tells you that you used to be rich. So, think about what you have, and thank life. We could lose so many things, but we’ll never lose everything.
When you’re misunderstood…
If you’re condemned as a wrong-doer, and such condemnation is based on truthful proof, then see this as a lesson for you. Don’t ever be sad about it, for the world won’t end only just because of that. If you’re condemned to be wrongful, and such condemnation is based on no truthful proof, then what’s the use of your sadness? Such baseless condemnation is worth none of your worries.
When you fail…
Anybody can fail at least once in their lifetime. So, don’t be doubtful about yourself. When failure comes in your job, don’t think you fail. When all attempts have been made and failure still comes, just accept it with a smile. That smile will let people know how great you are.
When you succeed…
Be joyful when you gain success because it’s the biggest award. But bear in mind that there’s no eternal success. We, human, can be sure of our own success only when we come to the end of our life path.

(to be continued)


Keywords: dich thuat