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The peculiarity of the English language sometimes causes troubles to English speakers. This can be easily seen in the case of English pronunciation....

Many English learners tend to ask questions like "why is wreath pronounced /ri:ø/ when breath is read as /breø/?". This is also the case of English names. We say /bi:n/ when we pronounce the name Mr. Bean, but /son/ is the correct pronunciation for Sean. Here is a short list of "tricky" English proper names and their standard pronunciations to help you avoid phonetic mistakes when you have to read them out loud:


Things are not what they seem on the outside. Then, always be careful before you utter a word, especially when that is an English word.

Theresa T.


Source of reference:
Hornby, A.S. (1974). Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English. London: Oxford University Press

Keywords: dich thuat