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The word “motorcycle” is one of the many active vocabulary stocks of most learners of English. So, how about “moped”?....
A quick look-up for these two words in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary gives us these following definitions:

Moped (n.) /’məʊped/:                      a motorcycle with a small engine and also pedals
Motorcycle (n.) /’məʊtəsaɪkl/:           a road vehicle with two wheels, driven by an engine, with one seat for the driver and a seat for a passenger behind the driver

A Google image search of these two words can give you a clearer view of these means of transport. While motorcycle is the general term for two-wheeled motor vehicle, moped is limited to motorcycle with low-powered engine.

In some developing Asian countries where cars are still unaffordable to many families, the alternative means of transport are mopeds or buses.



Keywords: dich thuat