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  • 3d max - thiết kế nội ngoại thất 090 2007 418 - Mrs. Thao is a website for translation which is built on the enthusiasm and the passion for languages and translation, as well as the translation-related expertise of a group of experienced engineers and translators.

Our specialty is translating from English to Vietnamese and vice versa written materials and documents in these following fields:
- Notarized translation - Special delivery - Reasonable price - Translations of high quality - Mr.Luan_091 9797 191 - 091 6845 191

- Construction (water supply and drainage, project management),
- Economics and finance,
- Real estate,
- Interior designing,
- Law,
- Jewelry trading,
and documents with unspecialized contents

How to work with us:

- For any translation needs, please contact us via email or mobile phone 0919 797 191- 091 6845 191
- The finalized translations will be sent to customers via email (for normal documents/materials) or in person (for confidential documents/materials).
How much time we will need:

-         For short materials or documents (01 to 03 sheets of A4, texts in VNI-Times or Times New Roman with font size 12pt), the estimated duration is 01 to 02 days.
-         For long materials, documents (more than 04 sheets of A4) or books, we will inform customers about the time needed for the translation upon receipt of the soft copies or the hard copies.
How to pay us:

- After receiving the finalized translations, customers can make payments to us directly or through bank transfer to account no. 0251001916032  at Vietcombank – Binh Tay Branch.
- For long materials, documents (such as booklets or books), please provide 10% of the value of the translation cost which is previously agreed by both parties.


Translation cost English - Vietnamese Vietnamese - English
Texts in A4 paper sheet * 110,000 VND/page 130,000 VND/ page
Books negotiable negotiable

*Notarized translation: negotiable prices
*Negotiable prices are applied to documents with highly technical contents.
*Texts printed in A4 sheets with font size 12pt in VNI-Times, Times New Roman or equivalents.


         Interpretation at
 - Business meetings
 - Small and medium-sized conferences
 - Press conferences, product launching

               Interpretation at
 - Conferences, seminars
 - business negotiations

400 USD/ day
50 USD/ hour

440 USD/ day
55 USD/ hour

Our experience and our people:

With our specialized knowledge and experience in large-scale construction projects of Ho Chi Minh City as well as experience in translation at conferences and for event-organizers, we hope to produce exact and quality translations at reasonable prices.

* Our experience:

Projects and events that we have made contributions to:

-  The Vietnamese version of the world renowned financial website:    
-  Vietnam Urban Upgrading Project  -  Ho Chi Minh City Sub-project
-  Vietnam Real Estate Exhibition 2008
-  Real Estate Building Materials and Construction Technology Conference 2008
- “Hạt giống tâm hồn” book series by First News


* Our advisors:

In order to ensure the good quality of our translations, we are fortunate enough to have professionally experienced advisors:

* 01 Civil Engineer who holds M.Sc. degree: Mr. Luân Đoàn
* 01 metallurgical engineer who graduated from University of Liège - Belgium: Mr. Gia Nguyễn
* 01 English language graduate with extensive translation experience who earns a CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) from the University of Michigan in the United States of America:
Ms. Thảo Trần

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